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Making Sense of Sales Technology

Making Sense of Sales Technology Splash

It's hard to make sense of the various sales technologies that are available today. How are they different? Do the differences actually matter? What do we need? How do we choose?

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Tales from the Trenches in Sales Ops

Tales from the Trenches in Sales Ops Splash

Driving sales effectiveness and efficiency at-scale can be messy. In this on-demand webinar, glean insights from seven cautionary case studies so you don't repeat the same mistakes and miscalculations.

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Conducting Whitespace Analytics

Whitespace Webinar Splash

What if there was a way to analyze all of your customers at once, identify the whitespace opportunities, and serve them up to the sales team on a platter? Learn the seven step process for doing just that.

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Reducing Losses to "No Decision"

No Decision Webinar Splash-1

Studies have shown that companies can lose up to 40% of their forecasted deals to "no decision". In this on-demand webinar, learn strategic and tactical approaches for dealing with prospect inaction.

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Developing Better Forecasts

Forecasting Webinar Splash

In this on-demand webinar, learn about the seven major ways in which leading teams are approaching sales forecasting very differently to boost speed, accuracy, and overall performance and results.

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Neutralizing the Sales Team's Go-To Excuses

Neutralizing the Sales Team's Excuses Webinar Splash

When things don't turn out as expected or desired, it's just human nature to look for explanations beyond what might be perceived as a personal failing. Learn how Sales Ops can address the common "reasons" for poor sales performance.

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How to Hire Great Sales Ops People

Hiring Great Sales Ops People Webinar Splash

How do you identify Sales Ops candidates with the raw materials to be most successful? In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn the most important attributes you should look for when building your team.

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How to Maximize Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

Cross Selling and Up Selling Splash

Effective cross-selling and up-selling requires operational solutions that only Sales Ops can deliver. In this on-demand webinar, learn how some innovative groups are making happen---efficiently, effectively, and very profitably

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How to Structure Sales Operations

Structuring Sales Ops Splash

The structure of your Sales Ops function can have ramifications for years to come. In this on-demand webinar, learn effective approaches and important considerations for getting your structure right.

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Moving the "Meaty Middle"

Moving the Meaty Middle Webinar Splash

The primary focus for Sales Ops should be on improving the performance of the middle-of-the-road salespeople who comprise the majority of the team. In this on-demand webinar, learn why it's so important and how to make it happen.

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Developing Effective Sales Dashboards

Developing Sales Dashboards Webinar Splash

How do you develop performance-enhancing dashboards that salespeople will actually want to use long after the novelty has worn off? In this on-demand webinar, learn 15 strategies, tactics, and tips others have found effective.

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How to Accelerate "Land and Expand"

Accelerating Land and Expand Webinar Splash

Simply put, the faster and more consistently you can grow newly acquired customers, the more valuable your entire enterprise becomes. In this on-demand webinar, learn strategies and tactics other teams have utilized to improve "land and expand" performance.

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Avoiding the Top 7 Sales Ops Mistakes

Avoiding Sales Ops Mistakes Nar Splash

If you can avoid the biggest mistakes that others have already made, you're definitely rigging the game in your favor. Learn about the Sales Ops mistakes that have set other groups back years and even damaged careers.

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Managing Multichannel Pricing


In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about market mapping, MAP policies, and other tactics and tips for minimizing the potential for channel conflict, reputational damage, and margin erosion.

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Predictive Sales Analytics

Predictive Sales Analytics Webinar Splash

Predictive sales analytics has proven to be a powerful tool for improving effectiveness and boosting results at-scale. In this on-demand webinar, we demystify the core concepts and applications in sales environments.

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Advancing Your Career in Sales Operations

Advancing Your Career in Sales Ops Webinar Splash

There's never been a better time to be working in Sales Operations. But you can’t just sit back and hope that good things will happen. In this on-demand webinar, learn strategies and tactics for Sales Ops career development.

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How to Fight a Price War


In this on-demand webinar, learn strategies and tactics for preventing a price war, handling "dumb" competitors, de-escalating and avoiding provocative situations, and winning without actually fighting.

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The Sales Ops Guide to Enabling Sales Managers


Sales managers are critical points of leverage and enablement. In this on-demand webinar, learn a variety of strategies and tactics that others have used to influence sales managers and drive performance improvements at-scale.

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The Fundamentals of Effective Pricing for Sales Operations


Most Sales Ops teams are unable to contribute to pricing and discounting in a meaningful way because they lack pricing knowledge. In this on-demand webinar, we cover the fundamental pricing concepts that Sales Ops teams need to understand.

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Survival Strategies for Raising Prices


In this on-demand training seminar, learn why some B2B companies struggle with price increases while others are able to do it with far less pain and angst. What are leading companies doing differently to execute price increases with far less risk, conflict, and uncertainty?

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Creating Content That Actually Works


Content marketing is getting lots of attention, but it's easy to gloss over some crucial processes. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about ten proven strategies for creating more effective sales and marketing content.

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Developing a Winning Sales Ops Roadmap


For transforming Sales Ops, good intentions aren't enough. You need a plan. In this on-demand webinar, learn about creating an effective roadmap for making Sales Ops a more strategic function.

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Building a Data-Driven Sales Operation


Building a data-driven sales operation where anecdotes and opinions have ruled for years is no easy task. In this on-demand webinar, learn about transforming your sales processes and team culture to make much better use of data.

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Measuring the Financial Impact of Sales Ops

Measuring the Impact of Sales Ops Nar Splash

How do you measure a Sales Ops function? How do you calculate what you're really getting from your investments? In this on-demand webinar, learn what other Sales Ops groups are doing to measure and communicate their contributions in dollars and cents.

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5 Ways Sales Can Stop Losing the Pricing Game


Discounts can seem like a small price to pay to capture revenue. But for many, giving in to pricing pressure is having disastrous impacts on profitability. In this on-demand webinar, learn five strategies leading teams are using to win more revenue...without crushing their margins.

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Crucial Sales Operations Concepts

Crucial Sales Ops Concepts Nar Splash

What sets a great Sales Ops team apart often comes down the core concepts and principles they embrace. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about 15 fundamental concepts that every Sales Ops leader and practitioner needs to understand inside and out.

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How to Use Sales Analysis to Drive More Growth

Using Sales Analysis to Drive More Growth Webinar Splash

Sales analysis often has much more potential than it is given credit for. This on-demand webinar explains how to using the analytical processes and underlying data to reveal powerful insights and opportunities for growth.

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Attracting and Capturing Better Leads


Isn't it frustrating when sales gets the blame for poor performance when the quality of leads is the real problem. In this on-demand webinar, learn about a number of strategies and tactics for maximizing the quantity, quality, and value of your sales leads.

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Demonstrating the Value of Sales Operations

Demonstrating the Value of Sales Ops Nar Splash

As a relative newcomer on the corporate landscape, Sales Ops often struggles to secure resources and investment. In this on-demand webinar, learn about quantifying and communicating the impact and contribution of your Sales Operations team.

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Diagnosing Sales Problems

Diagnosing Sales Problems Nar Splash

Failing to identify the true root causes of sales performance problems often leads to a frustrating game of Whack-A-Mole. In this on-demand training webinar, learn how to identify and correct the real root causes behind sales performance issues.

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Maximizing the Effectiveness of Inside Sales

Maximizing Inside Sales Nar Splash

In recent years, inside sales has been changing dramatically and leading teams are now playing a much more strategic role. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn new strategies and tactics for boosting inside sales' performance and contribution.

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Building a Better Bid Desk

Building a Better Bid Desk Nar Splash (SB)

Large bids and quotes can have huge impacts on everything from revenue and profit to capacity utilization and strategic positioning. In this on-demand training session, learn strategies and tactics for improving the effectiveness of your bid desk.

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Exploring Account-Based Marketing and Sales

Account-Based Marketing Nar Splash

While the promise of account-based marketing and sales is certainly compelling, it's important to get beyond the hype and understand what ABM really is and what it can really do for you and your company.

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How to Identify & Target Your Best Prospects

Targeting Your Best Prospects Nar Splash

Every year, B2B sales and marketing teams waste millions of dollars and thousands of hours desperately chasing the wrong business. In this on-demand webinar, learn about two methods for making targeting decisions that can improve every aspect of your performance, all at once!

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Exceptional Sales Ops Teams

Exceptional Sales Ops Teams

Sales Ops is still evolving and there are no long-standing rules for how everything should work. But there's a lot to learn from teams with a track record of success. In this on-demand webinar, we explore the common traits and mindsets of successful Sales Operations groups.

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Making Change Happen

Make Change Happen Nar Splash

How do you get an organization to move away from the status quo and actually embrace doing things differently? How do you foster true adoption, as opposed to merely forced compliance? Given the organizational dynamics involved, effective change management requires a more strategic approach.

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How to Improve Your Close Rates

Improving Close Rates Nar Splash

Trial and error with something as important as your close rates is risky. How do you know which strategies and tactics you should use to improve? In this on-demand training webinar, learn effective strategies and tactics for improving your sales team's ability to win---at scale and with less risk.

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How to Optimize Your Sales Funnel

Optimizing Your Sales Funnel Nar Splash

With so many different variables involved, improving sales performance across the board and at-scale can seem like a daunting task. But with a different perspective on your sales funnel, you can generate huge improvements much more easily and with far less risk.

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The Fundamentals of Effective Sales Analysis

Fundamentals of Sales Analysis Training NarSplash

In this on-demand training webinar, we share the fundamental concepts and principles behind effective sales analysis, expose the critical building blocks that need to be in-place, and walk through a basic analysis example to pull everything together.

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Getting Your Salespeople to Price Better


Chances are, the behavior of your salespeople will ultimately determine whether pricing strategies are effective or not. In this on-demand training seminar, learn proven approaches and strategies for getting your sales team to price and discount far more effectively.

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Negotiating Profitable Deals

Negotiating Profitable Deals Nar Splash

Everything comes to a head when your sales team negotiates a deal. You want to win, but you don't want to leave money on the table. So, how do you help your sales team to become better negotiators, so they win the deals they should, at the right price?

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Leading Edge Account & Territory Planning

Territory Account Planning Nar Splash

Sales planning is often perceived as not much more than tactical busywork. In this on-demand training session, you'll learn how innovative sales operations are taking a radically different approach to identify untapped growth opportunities and develop prescriptive account and territory plans.

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How to Retain Your Key Customers

Retaining Key Customers NarSplash

When you lose business from existing accounts, the sales team must acquire even more new business to compensate. In this on-demand training session, learn about seven innovative strategies leading sales operations are using to minimize revenue attrition and customer defection.

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Driving Sales Effectiveness with Strategic CRM

StratCRM Nar Splash 2

Are you really getting everything you should from your CRM system? Do you even know what's possible? In this four-part training session replay, learn what leading sales operations are doing differently to drive significant sales results, with far less resistance from the field.

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Anatomy of a Competition-Crushing Sales Strategy

Competition Crushing Sales Strategy Nar Splash

The better your sales strategy, the easier it is for your sales team to achieve their objectives. But sales strategy is often misunderstood. In this on-demand training session, learn how leading sales operations are improving their sales strategies to win more business, while actually competing less.

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Exploring the Sales Ops Center of Excellence

Building a Sales Ops Center of Excellence Splash

This recorded training seminar discusses the two types of Sales Ops Center of Excellence we found in our research. Highlighting the critical differences between each type, we explore the decisions and steps that matter most in developing an effective Sales Ops Center of Excellence.

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Maximizing the Effectiveness of Sales Training

Sales Training Nar Splash

Research shows that most sales training programs just don't "stick" over the long term. In this on-demand training session, we explore proven strategies and critical steps for developing effective sales training programs that have "stickiness" built-in from the very beginning.

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Beyond Reporting with Sales & Pipeline Analysis

Pipeline Analysis Nar Splash

To actually improve overall sales performance in a big way, reporting alone simply WILL NOT get you there. This recorded training session shows you how to make the transition from reporting to true sales and pipeline analysis that can drive improved sales performance at-scale.

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Taking Your Sales Operation to the Next Level

Next Level Sales Ops Nar Splash

It's common for sales operations to get mired in tactical sales support and administrative activities. This four-part recorded training session reveals the steps leading sales operations teams are taking to transform themselves into a much more proactive and strategic business function.

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Avoiding Costly Mistakes in B2B Lead Generation

Lead Gen Mistakes Nar Splash

Finding ways to improve lead quality and quantity can be a target that's constantly moving. This recorded training session exposes our latest research, highlights common lead generation challenges and what some B2B companies are doing to overcome them.

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Generating More Sales from Existing Customers


Many B2B companies struggle to identify untapped sales opportunities and maximize revenue from the customers they've already acquired. In this four-part recorded training session, learn what leading sales operations are doing differently to grow share-of-wallet with existing customers.

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Increasing Revenue Through Real Strategic Sales

Real Strategic Sales Nar Splash

It’s so easy to get caught up in the tactics of selling. But your sales strategy shouldn't take a backseat to the tactical to-do list. This recorded training session helps you get beyond the tactical and understand what real strategic selling is all about.

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Getting Serious About Sales Effectiveness

Serious Sales Effectiveness Nar Splash

What does it take to make your sales operation more effective? This on-demand webinar provides insights into what other sales operations are doing and the areas to focus your energies if you're serious about sales effectiveness.

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