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nobullSubscribers appreciate that we don’t just cover whatever happens to be the flavor-of-the-month in B2B sales. Popular or not, we focus on the topics that can make a big difference to the overall performance of your sales operation at-scale. And along the way, we’re never afraid to call BS on the conventional wisdom, or shine a spotlight on what others prefer to ignore.

Topics Covered in the Playbook:

Analysis & Measurement— Getting beyond mere reporting to understand why things are happening, diagnose root-causes, and devise scalable solutions.

Tools & Technology — Using technology to drive sales efficiency and sales effectiveness; not just “doing things better,” but also “doing better things.”

Training & Best Practices — Increasing the knowledge and capabilities of the sales reps themselves, as well as the people who manage and direct them.

Hiring & Compensation — Designing territories and team structures, hiring the right people, on-boarding them effectively, and providing proper incentives.

Strategy & Planning — Developing a deep understanding of customers and competitors to devise killer sales strategies and growth-oriented account plans.

Customer Acquisition — Helping the sales team target and cultivate the right prospects, deliver more differentiated sales messages, and shorten sales cycles.

Customer Retention — Increasing cross-category buying, wallet share, and customer lifetime value to reduce revenue attrition and defection to competitors.

Negotiation & Pricing — Setting, quoting, and negotiating more effective prices to win more business without giving away all of your value, margin, and profits.

Collaboration & Alignment — Working with other departments to align strategies and tactics, ensure efficient execution, and drive meaningful change.

Organization & Career Development — Taking your team and career to the next level by focusing on the right things, taking the lead, and producing results.