Post A Sales Ops Job Opening

Get your open positions seen by SellingBrew's community of over 26,000 Sales Ops professionals.

Hiring the ideal candidate for sales operations position is hard enough. And the first step is ensuring that that potential candidates are aware that your position is available. Frankly, there just aren’t that many places out there that let you reach experienced Sales Ops professionals.

That’s why we offer job postings.

We created an easy way for companies to promote their open positions to the SellingBrew community and find qualified sales operation professionals. Your positing is made publicly available on and promoted in our weekly newsletter that reaches well over 27,000 sales operations and sales management decision-makers.

It’s easy to get Your Position Posted

Starting at $49/month, your posting will be made available on and featured in the weekly SellingBrew newsletter. Simply purchase a posting at the link below and you’ll get access to our posting form. Fill it out and your posting will be published–typically within 24 hours.

Get a basic posting

A basic posting includes your open position on It’s listed as a post within our “Insights & Tips” section to maximize visibility. In addition, your post will be prominently featured twice in the weekly SellingBrew newsletter during the next 30 days.

Step Up To an Enhanced Posting

An enhanced posting includes everything that a basic posting offers, but we double the number of times your position is included in the weekly newsletter–it will be prominently featured each week in the SellingBrew newsletter for the next 30 days.


Job Posting


Your Job Posted + 2 Newsletter Features

Submit listing after order.
Charged monthly to credit card.


Job Posting


Your Job Posted + 4 Newsletter Features

Submit listing after order.
Charged monthly to credit card.

Have some questions?

Here’s answers to some common questions. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, just send us an email at

What happens after I purchase my posting?

Once you place your order, you’ll get access to an admin area where you’ll be able to enter all of the necessary information we’ll need to build your posting. You simply fill out the form that is provided and your posting will be added–usually within 24 hours after submission.

What's the deadline to get into the next newsletter?

If your posting is submitted before 4pm Eastern (21:00 GMT) on Thursdays, it will be included in our Tuesday newsletter. If you submit a posting after that time, it will be included in the following week’s newsletter.

Where will my posting show up?

To maximize the visibility of your posting, we publish it as a post with the “Insights & Tips” section of In addition, your posting will also be featured in the weekly SellingBrew newsletter up to 4 times per month depending on which option you purchase.

What's included in the posting?

When you fill out our posting form, you’ll be asked for company name, job location, job title, job description and a submission link. Your submission link can be an email address or a link back to your own website where an interested applicant can submit their resume.

Do interested applicants submit their resumes on

No. Your job posting will provide interested applicants with a link to where they can submit their info and resume. This can be either an email address or a link to a submission area on your own website. For privacy reasons, we don’t manage resume submissions or monitor who visits your job posting.

How long will my posting run?

Your open position will run until you tell us that the position has been filled. Just send an email to to let us know that you no longer want the position advertised. We’ll take it down from the website and stop featuring it in the newsletter. This will also stop further monthly charges.