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Each week we publish new insights that can help drive more effective sales operations. A few of those latest insights and tips are available here.

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Beware of Knee-Jerk Reactions in Sales Ops

Never assume that your first hypothesis is correct—even if the initial data seems to back you up.

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5 Excuses for Sales Ops to Focus on Lead Gen

Even if lead generation isn't one of your formal responsibilities, sales ops needs to be involved. Here's why, and some suggestions for how to contribute without ruffling feathers.

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Sales Facts Don’t Solve Doubt

If you want to change someone's opinion, you're going to have to deliver a compelling interpretation of the facts.

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3 Ways Sales Ops Can Give Salespeople More Spine

In the heat of the moment, a salesperson's fear of losing a deal can lead them to throw all rationality out the window and cave to the pressure. Here are three ways Sales Ops can help reinforce a salesperson's spine...

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“This Isn’t Helpful”

Believe it or not, flying a fighter jet can teach you a lot about sales ops.

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How Sales Ops Can Help Shift Sales' Focus

It can be challenging for a sales team with an ingrained "hunter" mindset to recognize the need for more "farming" and change their behaviors and actions accordingly. But there are a number of things that Sales Ops can do to help...

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One Way to Improve Close Rates

If your sales team is less than fully enthusiastic when you mention the need to improve close rates, this technique can help.

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The 4 Most Common Pitfalls of Sales Comp Plans

Your compensation plan can be a powerful tool for shaping your sales team's behavior. Make sure you use it wisely.

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