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An Astronomical Sales Comp Failure

We hear about a lot of sales comp horror stories here at SellingBrew, but this one is so bad, it's out-of-this-world.

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Sales Ops Should Make "Smarter" Tech Decisions

While process automation and mobility solutions are certainly worthwhile, they aren't the only sales technologies you should be exploring. Learn what you might be missing when it comes to sales technology...

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The 4 Keys to Sales Ops Career Success

If your job ended tomorrow, do you have the skills you need to find a new job?

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Helping Sales Reps Doesn't Help Sales Ops

While you might be spending a lot of time helping individual sales reps with the issues or problems of the day, you have to recognize that this is not a strategic endeavor. So, what should you be doing instead?

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How Sales Ops Explains the "Why" Behind Results

After a quarter closes, can you explain why the numbers look the way they do? How much is due to mix? How much is because you sold more volume? How much is because you got better prices? Is it just one thing, or a combination of things? Learn how to "deconstruct" period-to-period performance differences...

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The Big Lie of Customer Loyalty

Even if your customers say they love you, their actions could be saying something else.

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How to Spot a Bad Sales Strategy

Almost all bad sales strategies share this mistake. Find out if you've fallen into this common pitfall.

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Beware of Knee-Jerk Reactions in Sales Ops

Never assume that your first hypothesis is correct—even if the initial data seems to back you up.

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