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Why the Biggest Sales Ops Problems Are Hard to Spot

Some of the biggest and costliest sales problems aren't obvious. And they certainly don't stand out in the data. So how can you know whether or not you're suffering from them?

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Sales Ops Shouldn't Freak Out About Trade Wars

Supply and demand aren't the only things that can affect your business dynamics. Little things like...oh, I don't trade policy, maybe?...can change everything, seemingly overnight. So what should you do? How should you react?

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Salespeople Are Wrong: Customers Can Buy More

What can early 20th century butchers teach us about sales ops? More than you think.

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The 5 Most Important Questions in Sales Ops

If you want to maximize your contributions to the company's success, you need to ask yourself these five things.

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3 Reasons Why Sales Ops Gets Blamed

If you feel like your team is always getting accused of causing problems that aren't your fault, you're not alone.

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See the Deals Salespeople are Missing

In sales analysis, sometimes what you're not seeing is more important (and valuable) than what you can see.

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What Sales Ops Should Do (Before Someone Else Does)

It's a common story. In an effort to convince the executive team to improve, everything backfires and Sales Ops gets the blame. Do this first to avoid getting blindsided.

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What Arthur C. Clarke Predicted about Sales Ops

In 1973, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke documented his 3rd law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." He was right about sales technologies.

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