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Don't Fall For These 7 Sales Ops Myths

Through our research, we've identified seven major myths and misconceptions that are preventing many sales operations from capturing a lot more of the low-hanging fruit in their customer base.

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Sales Ops Should Stop Thinking About CRM

Humans use mental "constructs" or "frames" to define situations and determine how we're going to deal with them. What if we used a different mental construct for CRM? What if we framed our work on CRM differently?

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Sales Ops Should Answer This "Loaded" Forecasting Question

While there are a number of differences in how leading Sales Ops teams' approach forecasting, these differences all tend to work together to answer one extremely "loaded" question...

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Two Weaknesses Sales Ops Can't Ignore

Find out why the perfect "marriage" with your sales manager is a good idea.

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3 Things That Kill a Sales Ops Career

If you can avoid these missteps, you'll be well on your way to a successful career.

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Sales Ops Leaders’ One Big Regret

Is sales an art? Your answer could have a huge impact on the long-term profitability of your company.

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5 Arguments Against Unattainable Sales Quotas

If you set your targets too high, you could actually see a decrease in sales rather than an increase.

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The Best Sales Ops People Have This One Trait

When you're looking to hire new sales ops professionals, character and personality can be more important than knowledge and skills.

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