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Each week we publish new insights that can help drive more effective sales operations. A few of those latest insights and tips are available here.

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It's Time to Build a Stellar Sales Ops Resume

No, it's not time to panic or freak out. But it is time to focus on building a more compelling and effective Sales Ops resume. Here's why...

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Ending the War between Sales and Marketing

It might seem like it's going to take supernatural intervention to end this battle, but these tips can actually help.

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Why Salespeople Ignore Their Negotiation Flaws

What does B2B sales have in common with art forgery? More than you might think.

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The Benefit of Precision in Sales Ops

Stop relying on trial and error. There are much better ways to answer the questions your team is analyzing.

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Butterfly Effect: Big Impacts from Tiny Sales Ops Tweaks

You don't have to embark on a huge initiative to have a measurable impact on your company's success.

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Conquering Action Bias in Sales Ops

While we're all wired toward taking rapid action in the face of a crisis or market disruption, there can be some serious downsides and negative consequences. So what's the alternative?

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Answering the Most Powerful Strategic Sales Ops Question

What if answering a single question could help you become much more strategic, as both a Sales Ops function and as an individual practitioner?

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Why "Bad Sales Data" Isn't as Bad as You Think

When you allow others to frame the issue of "bad data," you can find yourself trapped in a never-ending quest for an unattainable level of data quality and accuracy. Here's how to avoid this frustrating trap.

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