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Sales Ops Leaders Can't Escape the Internal Politics

After a recent webinar, some team leaders took umbrage at the suggestion that they play the role of "politician" on occasion. Are they wrong? Or were we unclear? Yes!

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7 Benefits of Sales Ops Critical Thinking

In Sales, it's easy (and quite common) to jump to knee-jerk conclusions when faced with a decision or challenge. But Sales Ops is in a great position to be the voice of reason.

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What Criminals and (Some) Salespeople Have in Common

Criminologists have a theory that explains why salespeople don't follow the rules. Fortunately, the theory also explains how to get them to do a better job.

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Sales Ops Asks This Question Too Often

Take a guess, which question should you stop asking so much: who, what, when, why, or how? The answer might surprise you.

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3 Mistakes When Measuring Sales Performance

Measuring sales performance is core responsibility for Sales Ops groups. And most groups have a genuine desire to better understand what's going on, so they can drive improvement. But there are certain mistakes that can undermine the best of intentions.

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Here's Your License for Strategic Sales Operations

If you've been struggling to get beyond the daily firefights and tackle more strategic sales ops issues and concerns, this article is just what you've been waiting for.

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It’s Likely Time to Ignore These Sales Reps

You should probably pay less attention to certain members of your sales team. Find out which ones and why.

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For Sales Ops, a Name Change Is Not Enough

In a new Express Guide, principles from the Alexander Group say that Sales Operations needs to evolve into Revenue Operations. What does that mean? And is it a good idea?

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