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Each week we publish new insights that can help drive more effective sales operations. A few of those latest insights and tips are available here.

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Know When Your Sales Strategy Stinks

The answers you get to this one simple question can indicate if something is seriously wrong with your current approach.

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Quitting Your Day Job in Sales Ops

By definition, SellingBrew Playbook subscribers want to become more strategic. But how do you make the transition when the tactical activities seem to consume every hour of every day? Learn how to quit your day job...

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What's the Craziest Sales Excuse Ever?

The "explanations" for missing the mark with respect to sales performance tend to run the gamut, from totally valid to sheer lunacy. But by looking at sales excuses from another perspective, we can eliminate them altogether.

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3 Secret Weapons for Your Sales Ops Arsenal

Sales Operations is in a unique position to develop sources of proprietary advantage that are largely hidden from competitive view. Thus, these "secret weapons" are very difficult for competitors to even recognize, let alone copy.

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Why You Should Ignore Your Ideal Customers

A lot of "experts" will tell you to focus on your ideal customers. Here's why we think that advice is a load of crap.

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The Worst Way to Structure Sales Ops

If you've allowed your sales ops team to grow naturally over time, you have probably unknowingly adopted the least effective team structure.

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Find The Crime Scene In Your Sales Data

Some data holds hidden clues for how to improve performance, but some of it is just noise.

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3 Things That Make Salespeople Bad Negotiators

Believe it or not, most salespeople want to do a good job with negotiation...but many just don't have the right skills. Here's how you can make that possible for them.

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