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Zilliant’s solutions help B2B companies solve a wide range of pricing and sales challenges, allowing them to gain more strategic control of their business performance using an innovative blend of data science and software solutions. Our innovative cloud native platform and applications, paired with an outcome-focused dedication to customer success, gives company leaders the confidence and know-how to remain competitive now and in the future. Learn more about how Zilliant helps companies reimagine pricing and sales at or follow Zilliant on LinkedIn.

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In this video case study, watch as Margot Simon-Beaulieu, head of pricing and article masterdata at METRO France, describes how the leading wholesaler is solving for omnichannel pricing challenges. METRO France operates a complex business, with 99 brick-and-mortar stores, delivery services to HORECA customers and a rapidly growing eCommerce presence.

With a growing demand for negotiation and price personalization, the old way of setting price through spreadsheets and email exchanges became inefficient and impossible to manage. METRO France chose to partner with Zilliant to empower its sales team to get the right prices to the right customer at the right time, while ensuring price consistency and relevant product recommendations across channels.

“With the Zilliant solution, we believe we give our salespeople a very powerful tool to look for new opportunities and business, and make sure that we monitor them in a profitable way,” said Simon-Beaulieu.

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Zilliant Sales IQ™ is an application that uses advanced data science to identify actionable growth, recovery and other selling actions across your entire book of business.

Uncover what your customers should be buying, when they are begging to defect and which customer-product combinations are underpriced relative to the market. Often times, your best prospects is a current customer, so empower sales reps to make better selling decisions in their existing account base.

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v4-cart_iq-1A company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system is only as useful as the information within it. Sales reps need actionable insights in an intuitive format that help them retain and grow their accounts.

Zilliant Sales Planner™ enables companies to make good on the promise of CRM by delivering insights to sales reps that help them prioritize and track accounts and actions to achieve growth targets. Sales Planner prompts sales reps to take the actions most likely to result in revenue and margin growth.

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Zilliant Cart IQ™ increases average order value by delivering real-time complementary product recommendations at the time of order, based on the items in a customer’s basket.

Cart IQ utilizes advanced association rules to continuously analyze raw order data and identify the products with a higher-than-expected purchase probability for individual market baskets or transactions. Cart IQ serves up the products your customers want, need, and are most likely to purchase, based on the items in their online shopping cart or on their order – increasing average order value.

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The Zilliant IQ Platform™ is the foundation for Zilliant’s market-leading price optimization and management, deal management and sales guidance solutions, and robust IQ Anywhere™ API service. The cloud-native Platform offers high availability, virtually unlimited scalability, and is purpose-built to solve B2B pricing, sales and commercial challenges. Beyond Zilliant’s packaged applications, it provides business users and data scientists unparalleled extensibility to solve a broader set of pricing, sales and commercial challenges unique to B2B companies through the simple configuration of SmartApps.