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Learn About Your Peers in Sales Ops…

What are leading sales operations doing differently? How do your investments, practices, and processes really stack up? Are you keeping pace or are you falling behind? Our research reports, case studies, and diagnostics will help you answer these questions and many more.

Here’s a sampling from the Playbook:

Why Companies Lose or Win Strategic Sales

What can analysis of over $6 billion worth of deals teach you about why companies win and lose sales? And what does the research say about the actions that can help you win more and lose less?

Seven Signs Your Sales Strategy Stinks

How can you tell if your sales strategy is really going to be effective? This diagnostic provides a straightforward self-assessment to help you evaluate the quality of your sales strategy.

Closing the Gap on Growing Existing Customers

Our research into leading sales operations shows that for most B2B companies, selling more to their current customers is a top priority. However, this research also exposes a mission-critical capability that most B2B sales operations are admittedly lacking.

Five Signs You're Missing Sales Opportunities

Many B2B companies are leaving a full two-thirds of their prospective sales opportunities on the table. Use this self-assessment by Dan McDade to figure-out if you're really getting everything you should.

The Reality of an "Intelligent" Sales Technology

Every once in a while, a sales technology comes along that purports to do things that just seem to good to be true. But does the reality actually line-up to the claims? We wanted to know. So we did our homework and talked to actual users. And what we discovered may surprise you.

The Triangulated Competitive Audit Guide

The Triangulated Competitive Audit Guide provides an expanded reference list of the various types of questions you'll want to ask about your competitors and why.

Finding Margin Leaks in Your Sales Processes

Of course, every sale is the result of a process. And with any process, the quality of the final product is influenced by the raw materials. This diagnostic helps improve revenues and margins by identifying the root-causes of erosion in your sales processes.

How to Prevent Customer Defection

In this SellingBrew research report, learn how leading B2B companies are protecting their future revenues and profits with innovations in customer retention and defection detection.