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SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud, part of SAP Customer Experience, allows customers to sell more and create a lasting connection with your customers with AI-powered solutions that transform your lead-to-cash processes.

SAP CommissionsLearn More

SAP Commissions automates sales compensation for leading companies worldwide. In a year, Commissions processes $1.8 trillion of revenue, paying out over $78 billion in sales commissions to 5 million reps.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)Learn More

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) does more than automate the quote and proposal process. CPQ provides pricing behavior intelligence to determine pricing trends. See what products are selling most, to whom, when, and at what price. Requiring only a browser, CPQ allows you to quickly configure, price, quote, propose, and sell your offerings from any device. Whether you sell direct business to business or through ecommerce, you can respond to your customers on their timelines.

DataHugLearn More

Data is the key to modern business, and every day, sales teams are falling behind by creating and relying on bad data. Manual CRM updates kill efficiency and generate subjective and incomplete metrics. Teams and individuals are then judged on these metrics, which leads to misdirection and, ultimately, less revenue. For sales teams to succeed in today’s data-driven business world, they need objective, complete data, collected and analyzed in a way that doesn’t slow them down. Use DataHug for collaborative forecasting and pipeline management. It’s built for CRM.

Sales EnablementLearn More

Sales Enablement software is a content portal that eliminates hours of dead selling time by creating a single source of truth with easily searchable content that is accessible at any time and from any location. Enable sales with the right content, training, and coaching to win every time.

Thunderbridge AnalyticsLearn More

For sales and marketing, the pace of change is accelerating, forcing CMOs and sales leaders to listen better and respond faster to stay connected to their always-on customers, partners and channels. Customer data is exploding, and yet sales pros and marketers are being asked to do more with less. Sales and marketing leaders need an easy-to-use data and analysis engine that provides an accurate view of not only current sales performance but a view of future performance, including the impact of changes to the selling process. Thunderbridge Analytics uncovers powerful insights across business and sales data with compelling visualizations, standardized dashboards, and world-class analytics.