Subscriber Support

Most questions about SellingBrew can be answered in this FAQ.(If not, let us know.)

Resource Library

If we'd like to see more information on specific topics, do you take requests?

We love to hear from our subscribers. In fact, many of the resources available in The SellingBrew Playbook are from requests that our research and editorial team receives. As a subscriber, you’ll not only be able to submit topic requests, but you can the Sales Ops Help Desk feature to pose your specific questions to our research team.

How can I be notified of the new resources and content as they're available?

The weekly SellingBrew email newsletter will alert you to the latest resources and content as they’re added. You’ll also receive special email alerts about upcoming online trainings.

Online Training

How do I register for the online trainings that are included in the subscription?

Just head to the Online Training section to see our upcoming training session and archive of past training sessions.

Are the online training sessions recorded and accessible to subscribers later?

If you can’t attend a live training session, it’s not a problem. All of them are recorded and made available a few days after the live event.

Ask The Network

Can I pose specific pricing questions to your research team?

Yes you can. This is one of the great benefits of being a SellingBrew Playbook subscriber. Our in-house researchers and analysts wade neck-deep in the topic of Sales Ops as a matter of course, regularly gathering and curating best practices. You can tap into them and get their insight and advice on your specific questions and challenges. In a few business days, you receive a response back.

How does it take to get Help Desk responses back?

Typically responses are returned in 3-4 business days. Sometimes it will take longer if your question requires research or is very specific.

Are the questions I submit kept confidential?

Yes. We take confidentiality very seriously. You do have the choice to have the question and answer published publicly if it is general in nature, but that will still be displayed anonymously with no identifying details of you or your company.

General Subscription Questions

How can I upgrade my monthly subscription?

Upgrading from your monthly subscription is a simple process and will save you nearly 30%. Just head to My Account and select either a single-user annual or a multi-user subscription. Once you’ve completed the order for a new subscription, your monthly subscription will be cancelled.

How can I add users to my annual or multi-user subscription?

It’s a simple process to add additional users. Just head to My Account and select the number of users you wish to add to your subscription. Once you complete the order, you’ll receive a link that can be provided to the other users to set up their subscription account.

You’ll also be able to monitor the status of users within your account.

How can I reassign a user on my multi-user subscription?

If you need to reassign a subscription seat to another user in your organization, just send us an email at and let us know the existing user you’d like to remove. Our team will make the change so that subscription “seat” is available to be reassigned to another user.

Do you offer further discounts for large teams?

We do. Just send us an email to letting us know. Please include your name, email, company name and number in your group and we’ll send you a quote.

Do you offer professional certification or continuing education credits?

At SellingBrew, our mission is to provide up-to-date research and insights on running effective B2B sales operations. We don’t offer professional certification or continuing education credits, but we can recommend 3rd-parties that offer those services.

I've forgotten my username or password. Can you help?

Sure.  Just click here and enter your username or your email address and we’ll email you a link to create a new password.

When does my subscription renew?

All subscriptions automatically renew and are charged to the credit card on file. You can see your next renewal date in My Account.

I need to cancel my subscription. What do I need to do?

If you need to cancel your account, please do so at least one business day prior to your monthly or annual renewal date. We cannot prorate or refund our service if you do not cancel your subscription before your renewal.

You can easily cancel your subscription by sending us an email to  We’ll just need your account email address and order number.

Can I see who else is a subscriber?

Sorry. To protect our users’ privacy, we don’t expose subscription information to others without their express permission.

Can I share my log in and account with others?

Nope. Each account is individual and sharing logins is strictly prohibited and monitored. If you’re interested in sharing SellingBrew’s content with other friends or colleagues, please encourage them to purchase a subscription or get a multi-user subscription.

Do you offer consulting services or on-site training?

While we don’t offer consulting, our team has worked with many reputable consulting firms and can make recommendations based on your industry and needs. SellingBrew subscribers can use our Help Desk service to get recommendations.

When All Else Fails

Something isn't working right. What should I do?

Uh oh.  If you’ve run into a problem on the SellingBrew site, send us an email at

This FAQ didn't answer my question. What now?

Sorry about that. Please send us an email at expressing your disappointment in the lack of thoroughness in our FAQ and we’ll be sure the appropriate person is severely reprimanded. Oh…and don’t forget to include the question you had.