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Training Webinars

Hours of “No Pitch” Educational Sales Ops Webinars

Webinars Are An Ideal Training Tool…In Theory


  • They expose you and your entire team to the concepts and techniques that can make their efforts more effective.
  • Your team members don’t have to all gather in a conference room for days of in-person training.
  • No one has to get on a plane to travel to some far away event at an expensive hotel.
  • Everyone can refer back to the webinar recordings any time they want–they aren’t a one-time thing.

But There’s a Catch…or Two…

  • Most free webinars out there are really just trying to sell you something.
    They’re notorious for providing only a few minutes of helpful (and somewhat biased) content, followed by a covert sales pitch or maybe even an overt product demo. And afterwards, you can expect a follow-up call…or ten…from a hungry salesperson who now thinks you’re a prospect.
  • Paid webinars on strategic Sales Ops topics are pretty rare (and can be very expensive).
    When you pay for a webinar, you can avoid the sales pitches and bias. But when the topic is specialized (like Sales Ops), there simply aren’t very many training webinars out there. And those that are available will set you back anywhere from $495 to $1500…each!

There Has To Be a Better Way, Right?We thought so, too.

With the SellingBrew Playbook’s unique subscription model, you and your team can gain immediate access to our entire online archive of more than 20 recorded training webinars and workshops, all exclusively focused on different aspects of running an effective B2B sales operation.

And each of our training webinars is a full 60+ minutes of 100% educational content. No vendors or consultants presenting their wares. No sales pitches after just 15 minutes of so-called educational content. And absolutely no salespeople hounding you afterwards! Just our experienced, in-house analysts, sharing their unbiased perspectives and research, on the specific topics our audience of Sales Ops professionals is most interested in.

Take a look at the list of included webinars below and see if you don’t agree that these are things that every Sales Ops team…your Sales Ops team…should be learning more about!

Dozens of On-Demand Webinars...Like These:

Exceptional Sales Ops Teams

Sales Ops is still evolving and there are no long-standing rules for how everything should work. But there's a lot to learn from teams with a track record of success. In this on-demand webinar, we explore the common traits and mindsets of successful Sales Operations groups.

Exploring the Sales Ops Center of Excellence

This recorded training seminar discusses the two types of Sales Ops Center of Excellence we found in our research. Highlighting the critical differences between each type, we explore the decisions and steps that matter most in developing an effective Sales Ops Center of Excellence.

How to Identify & Target Your Best Prospects

Every year, B2B sales and marketing teams waste millions of dollars and thousands of hours desperately chasing the wrong business. In this on-demand webinar, learn about two methods for making targeting decisions that can improve every aspect of your performance, all at once!

How to Improve Your Close Rates

Trial and error with something as important as your close rates is risky. How do you know which strategies and tactics you should use to improve? In this on-demand training webinar, learn effective strategies and tactics for improving your sales team's ability to win---at scale and with less risk.

How to Optimize Your Sales Funnel

With so many different variables involved, improving sales performance across the board and at-scale can seem like a daunting task. But with a different perspective on your sales funnel, you can generate huge improvements much more easily and with far less risk.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes in B2B Lead Generation

Finding ways to improve lead quality and quantity can be a target that's constantly moving. This recorded training session exposes our latest research, highlights common lead generation challenges and what some B2B companies are doing to overcome them.

Getting Your Salespeople to Price Better

Chances are, the behavior of your salespeople will ultimately determine whether pricing strategies are effective or not. In this on-demand training seminar, learn proven approaches and strategies for getting your sales team to price and discount far more effectively.

Making Change Happen

How do you get an organization to move away from the status quo and actually embrace doing things differently? With the dynamics involved, effective change management requires a more strategic approach.

Leading Edge Account & Territory Planning

Sales planning is often perceived as not much more than tactical busywork. In this on-demand training session, you'll learn how innovative sales operations are taking a radically different approach to identify untapped growth opportunities and develop prescriptive account and territory plans.

Driving Sales Effectiveness with Strategic CRM

Are you really getting everything you should from your CRM system? Do you even know what's possible? In this four-part training session replay, learn what leading sales operations are doing differently to drive significant sales results, with far less resistance from the field.

Beyond Reporting with Sales & Pipeline Analysis

To actually improve overall sales performance in a big way, reporting alone simply WILL NOT get you there. This recorded training session shows you how to make the transition from reporting to true sales and pipeline analysis that can drive improved sales performance at-scale.

How to Retain Your Key Customers

When you lose business from existing accounts, the sales team must acquire even more new business to compensate. In this on-demand training session, learn about seven innovative strategies leading sales operations are using to minimize revenue attrition and customer defection.

Taking Your Sales Operation to the Next Level

It's common for sales operations to get mired in tactical sales support and administrative activities. This four-part recorded training session reveals the steps leading sales operations teams are taking to transform themselves into a much more proactive and strategic business function.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Sales Training

Research shows that most sales training programs just don't "stick" over the long term. In this on-demand training session, we explore proven strategies and critical steps for developing effective sales training programs that have "stickiness" built-in from the very beginning.

Generating More Sales from Existing Customers

Many B2B companies struggle to identify untapped sales opportunities and maximize revenue from the customers they've already acquired. In this four-part recorded training session, learn what leading sales operations are doing differently to grow share-of-wallet with existing customers.

Anatomy of a Competition-Crushing Sales Strategy

The better your sales strategy, the easier it is for your sales team to achieve their objectives. But sales strategy is often misunderstood. In this on-demand training session, learn how leading sales operations are improving their sales strategies to win more business, while actually competing less.

Getting Serious About Sales Effectiveness

What does it take to make your sales operation more effective? This on-demand webinar provides insights into what other sales operations are doing and the areas to focus your energies if you're serious about sales effectiveness.

Negotiating Profitable Deals

Everything comes to a head when your sales team negotiates a deal. You want to win, but you don't want to leave money on the table. So, how do you help your sales team to become better negotiators, so they win the deals they should, at the right price?

The Fundamentals of Effective Sales Analysis

In this on-demand training webinar, we share the fundamental concepts and principles behind effective sales analysis, expose the critical building blocks that need to be in-place, and walk through a basic analysis example to pull everything together.

Reveal More Webinars...

Plus, every few weeks we hold a new subscriber-only webinar that other subscribers on your team can attend and participate in live, or access in the archive when the recordings are published a few days later. Training webinar topics are driven by subscriber interest and requests, and upcoming training sessions have already been scheduled around comp plans, on-boarding sales reps, and responding to competitive price pressure…just to name a few.

Our Next Webinar

The Sales Ops Blueprint

A Best Practices Guide To Getting Started...Or Starting Over

Thursday, August 1, 2024 - 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern / 7 PM CET

How would you create the most resilient and impactful Sales Operations function possible if you were building it from scratch...or revamping an existing function? In our next webinar, we’ll explore the best practices we’ve gleaned from our “what we know now” conversations with hundreds of Sales Operations professionals over the years. We’ll discuss the steps that are essential to take. We'll explore how to establish the right foundation to foster collaboration across departments. We’ll also review a variety of models and organizational structures that have proven to be consistently effective.

Now, Here’s The Best Part…

Purchased separately, the SellingBrew Playbook’s Webinar Series would cost at least $5000. But through a SellingBrew Playbook subscription, you get it all…all of the recorded webinars and all of the upcoming webinars…for an annual price of just $599 for the first user and $125 for each additional user on your team.

Yes, you read that right…with a multi-user subscription, your whole team can access and attend dozens of educational training webinars on important Sales Ops topics…all year long…for what others charge for a single session.

Crazy? Maybe. Leaving money on the table? Probably.

Better for you and your team? Most definitely!

While access to the Webinar Series alone is easily worth 10X the price of admission, don’t forget that subscribers also get access to everything else the SellingBrew Playbook has to offer—like expert interviews, step-by-step tutorials, express guides, worksheets and tools, and our innovative Help Desk service.

Playbook Subscribers Get Access to These Other Features Too…


Help Desk Service

Ask Our Team of Analysts for Advice, Insights, and Perspectives on Your Specific Sales Ops Challenges

Subscribers can use our Help Desk Service to tap into our team of analysts and researchers to get unbiased advice and unvarnished perspectives on specific issues and challenges you're facing with your sales operation---privately and confidentially, of course.

Learn More About The Help Desk


On-Demand Library

A Searchable Library of Hundreds of Concise Guides, Tutorials, Cases, Assessments, and Research Reports

Subscribers get access to a whole library of Sales Ops best practices, tutorials, express guides, case studies, research reports, assessments, tools, and diagnostics---all curated by our team and distilled to the essentials and just a click away.

Peek Into The Library


Expert Interviews

Learn from Other Practitioners Who've "Been There and Done That" Through Our Expert Interview Series

Subscribers can hear 25+ hours of in-depth interviews we've conducted (with new ones each month). Hear war stories from others in the Sales Ops trenches. Learn about emerging best practices, the latest trends, as well as what’s worked well (and what's failed miserably).

Discover the Expert Interview Series

The Playbook Covers The Spectrum Of Sales Ops Topics

  • Acquiring Profitable Customers
  • Expanding Existing Accounts
  • Addressing Customer Motivation
  • Differentiating From Competitors
  • Negotiating More Profitable Deals
  • Improving Forecasts & Profitability
  • Retaining More Customers
  • Tracking Sales Performance & Metrics
  • Implementing Sales Technologies
  • Developing Repeatable Sales Processes
  • Adoption & Change Management
  • Team Structure & Career Development

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Frequently asked questions

Is everything really included with the subscription?

Yes. Everything is included with your subscription—the training webinars, the expert interviews, the tutorials, guides, and tools, as well as our unique Sales Ops Help Desk service. And, of course, you'll get access to all of the new resources that are being added on a regular basis.

Do you offer a month-to-month subscription?

Yes we do. Our single-user month-to-month subscription provides all of the Playbook's great features for $99/month. Click here to sign up for our monthly subscription--you can cancel or upgrade to an annual subscription at any time.

Can we add more users later?

Yes. You can add more users at any time for just $125/user per year. It's easy to add them right within your account.

What happens after I subscribe?

During the ordering process, you’ll be asked to create a SellingBrew password. After you place your order, you’ll immediately have access to The Playbook through the secure subscriber area. And you can use your email address and password to access The SellingBrew Playbook from any computer or mobile device.

For multi-user and enterprise subscriptions, you’ll also receive a unique link that you can pass along to the other intended users. It’s a simple registration that will allow them to create their accounts and get access. You'll also easily be able to monitor sign-ups and access within your account.

Can I purchase a subscription for someone else on my team?

You sure can. If you'll be accessing the subscription as well, purchasing a multi-user subscription will give you immediate access. You'll also get a special link to pass along to the other users so they can setup their accounts and get access. If you're just handling the purchase but won't be accessing the subscription, just complete the subscription order and email us at to let us know. We'll setup your account to manage billing and provide a link so that the other user (or users) can create their login for access.

My team would like to see how it all works. Can we get a demo?

Sure! We're happy to set up a demo so you and your team can get a better understanding of all that The SellingBrew Playbook has to offer. To schedule a demo, just sent an email to and our support team will work with you to find a day and time that works best.

Can we pay via bank transfer or company check?

Credit card payment is preferred as it provides you immediate access to your subscription. But we understand that some companies need to pay with a bank transfer or check. For an additional 10% charge, our team is happy to accommodate this payment option for any multi-user or enterprise subscription. Just send us an email at to let us know how many users your subscription will be for and we’ll send along the details.

I have another question. Can you help?

If you have another question that isn't addressed here, just send us an email at We're always happy to help.


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