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Learn from Others’ Experiences…

It’s always a good idea to learn from others who’ve gone before. But glowing success stories that omit the painful realities of a situation only go so far toward helping you avoid making the same mistakes. That’s why our case studies are different—showing you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here’s a sampling from the Playbook:

Innovating to Maximize Sales Productivity

Without adding headcount, how do you pursue a host of new customers while retaining and growing a massive base of existing customers? Learn how one B2B sales organization increased their capacity, productivity and effectiveness…all at the same time.

How to Crater a Market with Cost-Plus Pricing

For one large manufacturer, cost-plus pricing was tantamount to malpractice. In this case study, learn how the lack of strategic pricing capability reduced the value of an entire market by over $1 billion.

The Pitfalls of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment can sometimes do more harm than good. These real-world case studies expose the costly downsides of alignment and reveal the mindset that's often more effective to adopt.

How Strict Pricing Enforcement Killed a Product

Strict enforcement of pricing policies can seem like a great idea. But this comical case study sheds some light on the perils of enforcing policies that are lacking (and somewhat ridiculous).

The Ugly Truth About Lead Generation ROI

Very often in business, the truth behind problems runs counter to what the people in charge actually believe. This entertaining case study reveals the true root-causes behind one company's "failing" lead generation programs.

Using a Cost-Plus Mindset to Your Advantage

In this case study, learn how one consultant got (very) creative in order to solve a pricing problem in an highly dysfunctional organization.