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SPARXiQ provides the analytics, tools, and training necessary for companies to accelerate performance and profitability.

Today’s modern, high-performing companies need both data-driven analytics and skills training to continually improve performance. SPARXiQ integrates these two critical elements to help clients accelerate profitable growth.

At SPARXiQ, we bring deep expertise, inspired talent, and relentless energy to uncover new value levers to accelerate our clients’ profitable growth. With our help, our clients optimize margins, build more effective sales teams, and improve operations.

Since our inception in 1993, SPARXiQ (formerly SPA/SPASIGMA) has generated billions of dollars of profitable growth for hundreds of organizations, including twenty-five Fortune 500 companies, and is a leading provider of profit-maximizing analytics.

TalentGPS™ Evaluation
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Build a data-driven roadmap to improving sales performance

Improving existing sales team performance is critical in today’s business environment. For this reason, companies spend a lot of time, money and resources on tools, training, and processes aimed at driving revenue growth.

Unfortunately, experience shows that these projects and initiatives often fail to deliver the desired results. The problem isn’t the quality of the efforts put in place, rather it’s the lack of alignment with the true needs of the sales force.

TalentGPS™ Evaluation gives you data-driven answers to the difficult questions you’re afraid to ask about your salesforce.

TalentGPS™ Hiring
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Attract, recruit and hire top salespeople

In today’s competitive marketplace, hiring top sales talent can be difficult. Companies struggle to attract enough skilled candidates and have trouble distinguishing the best from the rest based on resumes and interviews alone.

TalentGPS™ Hiring is a sales-specific assessment that provides deep insight into several critical measurements of a candidate’s ability to sell successfully for your company. Better hires mean more top producers driving your company’s revenue growth.

Relationship Quotient™
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Build stronger business relationships with your customers

Sales professionals who master business relationship skills experience improved overall performance, increased sales velocity, better visibility into key relationships, reduced revenue risk, and higher customer loyalty.

While everyone inherently knows that better relationships lead to better results, almost nobody does anything about it. Most sellers aren’t formally taught the playbook to create, sustain and improve relationships.

SPARXiQ offers two Relationship Quotient (RQ) programs to provide clear, actionable approaches that build stronger long-term business relationships.

Negotiation Quotient™
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Develop the skills that defend margin

In today’s world, where competition is intense and margins are narrow, sales teams cannot afford to leave money on the table. The reality is that over 70% of buyers have been professionally trained in negotiations skills and, sadly, less than 15% of salespeople have received similar training. The playing field is uneven, resulting in sellers compromising margin to get a sale when a buyer uses negotiation tactics.

Negotiation Quotient (NQ) teaches the skills that increase profitability in all situations, from transactional sales to long-term strategic agreements.