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SPARXiQ delivers analytics, tools and training solutions that help companies accelerate performance and profitability.

Buying has changed significantly in recent years. Have your sellers adapted to meet the needs of today’s customers?

Modern sales skills are necessary to win in today’s competitive market. SPARXiQ Bingeworthy Training™ programs provide the skills and approaches your team needs in easy-to-digest video episodes.

When you work with us, you gain a partner to help you navigate the challenges in today’s market to maximize business performance.

Modern Sales Foundations™ (MSF)
Bingeworthy Sales TrainingLearn More

Learn consultative sales approaches throughout the sales cycle.

Modern Sales Foundations teaches your team the skills they need to engage today’s buyers more effectively.

Delivered through bingeworthy video episodes, this program is built for today’s complex sales situations by applying buyer-centric thinking to sales activities throughout the sales cycle.

The core concepts and approaches are brought to life through Hollywood-level production that blends familiar formats from television and film, creating a training program that is as entertaining as it is impactful.

Sales Coaching Excellence™
Training for Sales ManagersLearn More

Develop sales managers into sales coaches.

Sales managers wear many hats. As much as they want to commit time to developing their teams, competing priorities often get in the way. At the same time, sales leaders want to coach their teams to success, but few have frameworks to do so effectively.

Sales managers need actionable approaches that enable them to effectively develop sales professionals. With proven methods to maximize sales performance, Sales Coaching Excellence delivers exactly what sales managers need.

TalentGPS™ Hiring
Sales AssessmentLearn More

Effectively hire and develop top sales talent.

The road to a stronger sales force begins with the right sales talent. There are certain mindsets and competencies that top salespeople have in common. With the right data-driven insights, you can evaluate candidates and existing team members to know exactly where they fit into your organization.

TalentGPS takes the guesswork out of choosing best-fit candidates and identifying the most critical areas for developing your existing team.

Negotiation Quotient™
Sales TrainingLearn More

Ensure Better Negotiation Outcomes.

In today’s business environment, where competition is broad and margins are narrow, sales teams cannot afford to leave money on the table. 

The reality is that over 70 percent of buyers are professionally trained in negotiation skills and sadly, less than 15 percent of salespeople have received similar training. The playing field is uneven, resulting in sellers compromising margin to get a sale when a buyer uses negotiation tactics. 

Negotiation Quotient is an online sales training program that teaches sellers to capture the value they’ve created, protecting profitability in the process.