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Learn How to Do It, Step by Step…

Ever wonder how to get started? Confused about what to do first, next, and so on? Our step-by-step tutorials provide straightforward guidance on some of the more complex subjects, processes, and techniques. Enhance your team’s skills and knowledge, while moving forward with much more clarity and far less guesswork.

Here’s a sampling from the Playbook:

How to Stop Losing Sales to "No Decision"

For many companies, the biggest competitor they have to contend with is "no decision." In this tutorial, learn strategies and tactics for addressing the real root-causes behind prospect inaction.

Targeting Your Most Profitable Prospects

In this tutorial, learn a six-step strategic process for increasing your odds of success in the marketplace by understanding which prospects you should target...and which ones you should avoid.

Delivering Answers to the Point of Sale

Our latest research has shown that more data and tools for the field won't improve results. This tutorial reveals a more effective approach for getting salespeople to use data and analytics to make better decisions.

How to Deliver Sales Training That Sticks

With the right approach, a sales training program can deliver lasting, profitable results. This step-by-step process guides you through designing effectiveness and stickiness into your sales training program right from the start.

Exposing Your Differential Value Step-by-Step

From our best practice research, we’ve cut through the complexity of value-based selling to provide a simplified, step-by-step tutorial for understanding and exposing the differential value of your offerings.

Developing Prescriptive Account Plans

Learn a powerful 7-step process for growing sales from your existing customers. See how to identify exactly where growth opportunities are and create the account plans that will capture them.

Building a Sales Ops Center of Excellence

Sales Operations has long been characterized as a tactical support function. This tutorial provides advice on moving beyond tactical support and transforming Sales Operations into a strategic driver of sales effectiveness.

Selling Value More Confidently in Seven Steps

Salespeople need to be confident in themselves and in the value of the offerings they’re representing. This tutorial helps you give your sales team the confidence they need to sell effectively while maximizing revenue and margin.