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Who has time to wade through esoteric dissertations and academic tomes just to glean a few nuggets of actionable insight? With dozens of Express Guides covering a broad range of topics and all distilled to the essentials for rapid consumption, Playbook subscribers can get the know-how they need in just minutes.

Here’s a sampling from the Playbook:

The Metrics Sales Leaders Should Be Managing

You need to track and manage sales metrics, but which metrics are the most important? In this guide based on research from Vantage Point Performance and the Sales Education Foundation, Jason Jordan reveals the ones that really matter.

Assessing Core Sales Skills in the Hiring Process

Relying on first-impressions, intuition, and gut-feel is just too risky when hiring salespeople today. This guide explores new options for infusing more objectivity and science into the process of finding good salespeople.

How Customers Evaluate a Price

We'd like to think that customers are always rational when they consider the price on a deal...but they aren't. In this guide, Mark Dresdner exposes eight factors that play an important role when a potential customer evaluates a price.

How to Improve Your Sales Pipeline Analysis

Pipeline analytics is great for reporting on current performance, but it can do so much more. This guide outlines 12 strategies for improving deal probability, velocity and value across every salesperson in your sales operation.

Seven Building Blocks of Sales Effectiveness

In sales, it can be challenging to know where to focus your attention and resources. This guide provides a framework of the seven areas where improvements have the most impact on close rates, cycle times, deal sizes, and margins.

How to Avoid Sales Compensation Gotchas

No variable compensation approach is ever going to be perfect, but you stand a much better chance if you're aware of the potential hurdles. This guide exposes the problems with various compensation schemes and explores potential solutions.

17 Insights That Improve Close-Rates & Margins

The more your team knows about how your prospects perceive the marketplace, the better the chances are for success. This guide provides the key prospect insights that can improve close-rates, margins, and long-term customer values.