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The Reality of an “Intelligent” Sales Technology

SellingBrew Research into the Real-World Performance of Zilliant's SalesMax Solution for B2B Sales Organizations

Most sales technologies are relatively "dumb" toolsets that simply automate processes that already exist, rather than bring anything entirely new to the table. In sharp contrast, Zilliant's SalesMax purports to be an "intelligent" sales solution that helps B2B sales organizations identify and capture opportunities they can't see any other way. But does the reality live up to the claims? In this research briefing, you'll learn:

  • The findings from our research team's investigations into the performance of this solution.
  • The major problems and pain-points the solution is designed to address for B2B sales teams.
  • What actual users of the technology had to say about their real-world experiences and results.
  • How the solution impacts day-to-day sales operations and management of the sales teams.

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