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How to Use Sales Analysis to Drive More Growth

Asking More Powerful Questions to Find More Profitable Answers

Very often, sales analysis is only being used to monitor performance trends, identify pipeline shortfalls, and rationalize forecasts. But while these tasks are certainly worthwhile, they aren’t the only things the analytical processes and underlying data can be used for. It’s simply a matter of asking more powerful questions as you work with the data. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • How sales performance data can help answer the big strategic questions that many B2B companies struggle with.
  • How sales analysis can be used to get ahead of competitive poaching and stave-off costly retention issues.
  • How to use a certain type of segmentation to identify untapped growth opportunities at an account level.
  • How sales analysis can be used to develop more accurate and prescriptive account and territory sales plans.

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