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Building Sales Ops’ Credibility with Sales

Getting the Sales Team To Take Your Ideas and Suggestions More Seriously

Without the participation and support of our sales managers and reps, our best-laid plans to improve our "sales machine" have a hard time getting off the drawing board. Unfortunately, the sales team often views Sales Ops as a tactical support function and as a result, they frequently disregard our strategic insights and improvement recommendations. So what can we do to change their perceptions and get them to see us as a trusted partner in optimizing the sales operation? In this subscriber-only webinar, you will learn about:

  • The top reasons sales managers and reps are skeptical of Sales Ops' ideas and input.
  • Positioning your team as an ally by going after strategic deficiencies in other departments.
  • Seven of the top credibility enhancers that Sales Ops teams can use to their advantage.
  • How to adopt a "winning" attitude to make you a more credible and trusted partner.

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