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Effective Sales Enablement

What Sales Ops Needs to Know to Leverage the "Sales Enablement" Concept

For many sales operations, the concept of "sales enablement" can be somewhat confusing. What's it all about? Is it onboarding new reps? Is it providing sales training? Or is about developing and delivering relevant content? Is it a role? Or is it a task? Is it a marketing thing? Or is it a sales thing? And how does it relate to sales operations? While there are many different definitions, we've identified a number of core themes and best practices that are common to the most effective applications. In this subscriber-only webinar, you will learn about:

  • The most productive definition of "sales enablement" for established sales operations groups to adopt.
  • An operational construct that ensures focus while leveraging your existing resources and capabilities.
  • Numerous examples of meaningful improvements that others' sales enablement efforts have realized.
  • Organizational considerations and tips for measuring impacts, assessing content assets, and more.

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