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Fostering Productive Collaboration

Driving Organizational Cooperation and Alignment to Boost Sales Performance

While there tends to be a lot of focus on individual reps, overall sales performance is actually a team effort. After all, there are usually many different people and groups involved. Some are major players, while others have relatively minor roles. The actions of some will have very direct impacts on sales performance, while the influence of others can be a bit more subtle. As such, making sure everyone is headed in the right direction...and doing the right things...can be a significant challenge. In this subscriber-only webinar, you will learn:

  • The critical differences between the three high-level approaches being taken by other sales operations teams.
  • Prioritizing your top performance issues and focusing on the people and groups who can best address them.
  • Influencing disconnected groups and departments to modify their processes and practices to improve results.
  • The eight key ingredients in the most effective approaches to cross-functional collaboration and alignment.

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