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The Fundamentals of Sales Segmentation

Demystifying an Essential Ingredient for More Insightful and Actionable Sales Analysis

A solid understanding of segmentation is critical for anyone seeking to leverage data to improve the performance of their sales operation. With the proper segmentation models, you can identify hidden opportunities, highlight valuable improvements, and infuse key insights into your sales processes. That said, this crucial and foundational concept is often misunderstood and poorly applied. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • What segmentation is ultimately designed to do and why it provides such a powerful analytical foundation.
  • The key concepts and principles to keep in mind as you build new segmentation models or improve existing ones.
  • The different types of segmentation models you might need to employ to drive results in your sales operation.
  • Tips and suggestions for garnering organizational support and operationalizing the results of your efforts.

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