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Accelerating Sales Cycles

Proven Strategies and Tactics for Slashing Time-to-Close Across Your Sales Operation

Too many assume that the length or duration of any given sales cycle just "is what it is" and there's little that can be done about it. Others believe that because their sales are relatively complex, long cycles are an inescapable reality they just have to live with. Leading sales operations, however, just can't ignore such an important aspect of overall performance. And they recognize that with the right approach, anything can be improved. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Why even small reductions in cycle times can produce huge cash flow, capacity, and productivity improvements.
  • How best to measure and analyze current performance to glean actionable insights and establish accurate benchmarks.
  • The top causes of delay and inaction on the other side of the table and what you can do to help mitigate them, at-scale.
  • How to avoid the major missteps and miscalculations that other sales operations have run into along the way.

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