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Working With Product Management to Improve Sales

Influencing the Pre-Market Decisions That Can Constrain Or Reduce In-Market Sales Results

Focusing solely on in-market sales performance is a bit like frosting a cake someone else has made. As the quality of the cake is the limiting factor, the frosting can only do so much. Similarly, the upper bounds of in-market sales performance are often "baked in" or predetermined by decisions made much earlier in the offering's lifecycle. So while in-market improvements are certainly valuable, many Sales Operations teams have achieved far more significant gains by working to influence and improve the pre-market decisions and actions in Product Management. In this subscriber-only webinar, you will learn about:

  • How you can tell...and what you should expect...when Product Management is doing the right homework.
  • Which Product Management decisions you should be focusing on to generate the biggest performance gains.
  • How to avoid territorial disputes and get Product Management to actually embrace your help and suggestions.
  • The specific improvements other Sales Ops teams have found to be most effective in Product Management.

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