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5 Ways Sales Can Stop Losing the Pricing Game

The Strategies and Tactics Leading Teams Are Using to Combat Rampant Discounting in the Field

Obviously, salespeople want to close deals and secure revenue, and price concessions and discounts can often seem like a small price to pay to get that job done. However, the tendency to give in to pricing pressure can have disastrous impacts on profitability, long-term revenue, strategic positioning, and more. From our research, we've identified five powerful strategies that sales teams are using to win more business and capture more revenue...without crushing their margins or destroying their profitability. In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about:

  • Why sales is rarely to blame for the real reasons behind poor pricing and discounting behaviors.
  • How recent changes in buyer behavior have created new challenges for sales and pricing teams.
  • Why the balance of power continues to shift toward buyers---and why it will only get worse.
  • Five proven strategies leading sales teams are using to win more business while discounting less.

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