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Evaluating Top Sales Methods

Determining Which Sales Methodologies Will Work Best In Your Specific Situation

Your teams' sales methodology can make the difference between closing deals like clockwork and struggling to win a tiny fraction of the pipeline. But for too many groups, their sales methodology is much less of a deliberate and thoughtful choice and more like a default setting. So how do you know your team is using the most effective sales method for your particular business situation? And if necessary, how do you facilitate a productive change? In this subscriber-only webinar, you will learn about:

  • Three important selection criteria that make a huge difference, yet are often overlooked or hand-waved.
  • How the true nature of demand in your target market should influence your choice of sales methodology.
  • What to do if your team is constantly shifting methods and always getting distracted by "shiny things."
  • The potent enabler and force multiplier that you should always plan to add to your sales methodology.

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