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Reducing Friction Between Sales & Marketing

Realistic Strategies, Tactics, and Tips for Driving More Productive Alignment

Some amount of "friction" between Sales and Marketing is to be expected. After all, these groups serve different functions and have different priorities, concerns, and perspectives. But while a little friction is normal...and can actually be healthy...too much can hurt productivity and competitiveness. So when the friction starts getting in the way of progress and performance, you have to be proactive and take steps to reduce it. In this subscriber-only webinar, you will learn:

  • How to address the underlying root-causes behind the main sources of conflict and disagreement.
  • How to identify mutually-beneficial solutions and design flexible approaches that work for everyone.
  • How to develop the right inter-personal skills to reduce tensions while still getting what you need.
  • How to leverage other influential sources of information to mitigate the "just your opinion" dynamic.

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