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Measuring the Financial Impact of Sales Ops

Exploring Methods of Quantifying the ROI and Financial Contributions of Your Sales Ops Function

Through our Help Desk, we've fielded a number of questions around the topic of measurement and ROI. How do you measure the productivity of the Sales Ops function itself? How can you determine what you're really getting from your investments in Sales Ops resources, tools, and initiatives? What are other Sales Ops groups doing to measure, capture, and communicate their contributions in dollars and cents? In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Dozens of metrics and measurements that have helped other Sales Ops teams show their financial impacts.
  • Selecting and developing the most compelling and impactful financial measures and performance metrics.
  • The costly "gotchas" and painful pitfalls that you'll want to sidestep as you move forward with your efforts.
  • How to present and communicate your quantifications for maximum clarity, confidence, and credibility.

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