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Developing Effective Sales Dashboards

Sales Ops Strategies and Tactics for Accelerating the Growth of Newly-Acquired Customers

In theory, dashboards are an ideal way to package and deliver data to a sales team. Being relatively easy to digest, well-designed dashboards can help bridge the gap between complex datasets and people who are not very analytical by nature. In practice, however, the theory often falls apart as performance improvements fail to materialize and broad utilization shrinks to just a handful of reps with nothing better to do. So, how do you develop performance-enhancing dashboards that salespeople will actually want to use long after the novelty has worn off? In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • How and why the standard or typical approaches for developing sales dashboards will almost always fail.
  • The four main types of information your dashboards should contain if you want to boost sales performance.
  • Critical insights into how salespeople consume data and the best ways to align to their inclinations and habits.
  • Fifteen development principles, strategies, and tactics other teams have learned through costly trial and error.

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