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Improving Sales Compensation to Boost Results

Proven Strategies and Tactics for More Effective Sales Incentives and Compensation Plans

We all know that compensation and incentives are crucial for driving appropriate behaviors and ensuring desirable outcomes. But sales compensation is really easy to get wrong. There are so many different variables involved...including the salespeople themselves...that it's tough to devise a plan that nails the objectives without a bunch of after-the-fact surprises and unintended consequences. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Tweaking and optimizing the design of your incentive plans to achieve multiple goals and objectives.
  • How leading teams are using technology and data-science for plan development, execution and management.
  • Aligning other strategic and tactical go-to-market elements support your plans and maximize effectiveness.
  • Being proactive to avoid and mitigate the most costly inadvertent errors and unintended consequences.

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