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Crucial Sales Ops Concepts

The Core Concepts You Need to Embrace to Maximize the Effectiveness and Contribution of Sales Ops

What sets a high-performance Sales Ops team apart often comes down the fundamental concepts and principles they recognize and embrace. From how they view their mission and role to how they approach performance issues and solutions, the most effective Sales Operations teams tend to operate from a very different foundation. And by understanding these core concepts, you can take your Sales Ops team to the next level, too. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • 15 fundamental concepts that every Sales Operations leader and practitioner needs to understand inside and out.
  • The principles and mindsets that leading Sales Ops teams have used to become much more strategic and valued.
  • 5 ways Sales Ops is different from other functions---and why those differences are so important and advantageous.
  • The common myths and misconceptions about Sales Operations that can hold you back and stifle your career.

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