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How to Deal With Churn

Proven Approaches for Reducing Customer Defection and Revenue Attrition

Every business is seeking consistent revenue and profit growth over time. But the unfortunate reality is that much of our ongoing sales and marketing effort is not actually aimed at generating incremental growth. You see, before we can generate true growth, our efforts must first replenish and replace the revenue and profit we're losing through customer defection and revenue attrition. So how can we stave off churn and retain more of the customers, revenues, and profits we've worked so hard to acquire? In this subscriber-only webinar, you will learn about:

  • Prioritizing the different categories or types of churn you'll want to measure and monitor.
  • Recognizing the critical differences between "bad" churn and "good" churn (yes, some is good).
  • Analytical techniques for identifying the early signs of churn in time to turn things around.
  • Proven strategies for eliminating the root causes of customer churn and revenue attrition.

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