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How To Deal With Inflation

Strategies and Tactics for Boosting Effectiveness in the Face of Rapid Inflation

Considering everything that's been happening over the last few years, inflation was bound to catch up with us at some point. But recently, it seems like inflation is running us over! So even though most Sales Ops groups could see inflation coming, the speed at which it's been rolling through the supply chain has still left many scrambling. So what should we be doing differently to deal with the rapid inflation we're seeing on so many fronts? In this subscriber-only webinar, you will learn about:

  • Moving quickly to mitigate the damage, while not making things worse through overreaction.
  • Strengthening your organization's confidence and resolve to hold the line wherever necessary.
  • What you should be doing during this current inflationary cycle to prepare for the next one.
  • Three fundamental Sales Ops processes that can significantly reduce your downside risks.

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