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The Easiest Path in Sales Ops

Have you ever been downhill skiing?

If so, you already know that ski runs are marked with different colors and symbols that indicate how difficult they are.

Green runs are the easiest. If you’ve just learned how to ski, you’re going to spend all your time on the greens. Most of them are either wide, gentle slopes with plenty or room to practice your turns or narrow “cat tracks,” the almost flat paths the ski resorts use to get equipment up the mountain.

To a beginning skier, these green runs seem idyllic. They often have the best views of the landscape, and they don’t have any scary steep cliffs or obstacles in the way. They also don’t beat up your legs and knees the way harder runs do.

But green runs are also a little boring.

Most people don’t ski for too long before they want to tackle one of the blue runs. They’re just a little narrower and steeper. They might have a few small bumps, called moguls, along the way, or you might need to steer around a tree or two.

Some infrequent skiers never progress beyond the green and blue runs. They don’t understand why anyone would want to risk something harder where they might break a leg or dislocate a knee.

Avid skiers, however, have an entirely different perspective. For them, only the hardest runs—the black diamonds or double-black diamonds—provide the thrill they are looking for. These skiers have already spent years developing their skills. Now they want the challenge of dodging trees, leaping over moguls, and speeding to the bottom of a nearly sheer cliff—sometimes all on the same run. They love skiing, and they’re great at it. And these harder runs are just so much more rewarding.

The thing is, most green-and-blue skiers could be black-diamond skiers with just a little help. If they have an experienced instructor show them the right technique and guide them through the run, they will almost certainly make it down the mountain without needing an ambulance. Sometimes, they even have fun. And the more often they try the black diamond runs, the easier and more fun they become.

Sales ops is pretty similar. We don’t give sales ops initiatives ratings like green, blue, or black (although maybe we should), but it is certainly true that some initiatives are more challenging than others. These more difficult paths often yield greater rewards—and they might even be more fun.

And importantly, you do have an experienced instructor along to help with your sales ops initiatives. SellingBrew has mapped out the routes that offer the greatest reward for the least risk, and we can teach you the techniques you’ll need along the way. If you’re ready for a challenge, check out these resources to help you get started:

If you’ve been working in sales ops for a while, it’s probably time to tackle a major initiative. We think you’ll be amazed at how rewarding they can be—both for your organization and your career.

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