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Whether you have specific questions about building a more effective B2B sales operation—or just want to know which questions you should be asking—the library of questions in the SellingBrew Playbook makes it easy to find the answers and resources you need.

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  • What should I do with the leads that sales people disqualify?
  • Any ideas for teaching our salespeople how to deal with Procurement?
  • Our research interviews were really informative. Do we really need to conduct a broader research survey now?
  • How do I know if my value messages are really "strategic"?
  • How does cycle time affect overall results? Aren’t the dollars the same no matter when you get them?
  • Our whitepapers aren't generating very many leads. Any suggestions?
  • How is marketing automation different from CRM or sales force automation?
  • Why should we care about what's happening in the lead generation process?
  • How do you make sure improvements stick and don't go back to normal?
  • Once I understand the untapped potential in each account, what can I do with the information?

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