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The Sales Ops Survival Guide

One of the best things about working in sales ops is that you get to do new things all the time. If you enjoy a challenge, you’re unlikely to get bored in sales ops.

But the fact that you’re doing new things all the time can also be one of the worst parts of a job in sales ops. On occasion, everyone in sales ops receives assignments that they really don’t know how to tackle. And if you’re new to the job or part of a small team, it can feel overwhelming.

As a SellingBrew Playbook subscriber, however, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time a new challenge pops up. We have a host of resources that show how other B2B firms have handled similar issues. These best practices guides are a great place to get started when you really have no idea where to begin.

And to make things even easier, we’ve put together a list of some of the common questions sales ops folks face and the best resources for finding answers to those questions:

Common Challenges in Sales Ops (And How to Solve Them)

  • How do we come up with a strategy to improve customer retention? The training webinar How to Retain Your Key Customers offers seven proven strategies that leading B2B companies are using to keep and grow their current accounts.
  • How do we equip the sales team to do a better job in negotiations? Negotiation is a perennial issue for sales teams. The Negotiating Profitable Deals webinar can walk your team through the basics and help them counter the tactics procurement staff use to drive down prices.
  • How do we pinpoint where we can optimize our sales funnel? Watch How to Optimize Your Sales Funnel to learn how small tweaks can lead to big performance boosts. It will teach you how to visualize your sales process as a system and how to locate opportunities for improvements.
  • How do we design a sales comp plan that we won’t regret down the road? Your sales comp plan is one of the most effective tools you have for modifying the behavior of your sales reps, so make sure you’re getting it right. The express guide to Designing Sales Comp Plans That Actually Work gives you ten things to think about when creating or modifying your pay structure.
  • How do we demonstrate results of the sales ops function? Sales ops is a relatively new function at many B2B firms, which means that many sales ops teams find it necessary to prove their worth. Demonstrating the Value of Sales Operations explains how to quantify your contribution and effectively communicate it to the rest of the firm.
  • How do we determine the sales metrics that we should be analyzing? You could measure literally hundreds of different things related to your sales process. The express guide to Sales Metrics Sales Leaders Should Be Managing explains which ones really matter
  • How do we develop sales tools and messaging that will help sales win more often? Just because your internal people think a given message is great doesn’t mean that it will be effective with prospects and customers. The Crafting Effective Strategic Value Messages explains how to create a message that will not only resonate with your prospects but also move them buy.
  • How do we grow sales with the customers we already have? Increasing your wallet share with current customers is often a more efficient way to increase revenue than going after brand new prospects. The Generating More Sales from Existing Customers webinar details what leading firms are doing to capture more of their customers’ business.
  • How do we respond correctly to our competitors? It’s not enough to say that your product is the best—you have to prove it by showing exactly how your solution tops the competition. The tutorial How to Develop Real Competitive ‘Kill Sheets’ gives step-by-step instructions for arming your sales team with a kill sheet that will help them win more deals.
  • How do we diagnose the right steps to improve our sales close rates? Increasing the win rate is at the top of the to-do list for most sales teams. Check out How to Improve Your Close Rates for proven strategies and tactics that other B2B teams have used to close more sales.

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