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3 Metrics Sales Ops Should Take Credit For

If you’re a SellingBrew subscriber, you probably already know that we believe sales ops is perfectly positioned to make small changes that can have a significant, strategic impact on the bottom line.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares that belief.

And we can tell you from experience that if you aren’t “tooting your own horn,” management might not grasp the importance of your contributions. It isn’t enough to measure your activities — like the number of RFPs completed or the number of training sessions you’ve delivered. It isn’t even enough to measure progress towards sales goals — such as quota attainment. What you really need to demonstrate is how your activities are generating business results.

In the Measuring the Financial Impact of Sales Ops webinar, we discuss a lot of different metrics that sales ops teams have used to showcase their effectiveness. Here are three of our favorites:

1. Land & Expand Velocity — Most B2B executives understand that one of the best ways to grow the business is to increase sales to accounts that you have already landed. And sales ops is particularly well positioned to help increase sales to new accounts. By tracking your “land and expand” trends before and after sales ops interventions, you can illustrate how you are impacting sales in this critical dimension. For more details, check out How to Accelerate ‘Land and Expand.’

2. “Meaty Middle” Movement — Every sales team has a few superstars. And every sales team has a few less motivated individuals that we will politely refer to as “laggards.” But most of the sales reps fall somewhere in between. We like to call this group the “meaty middle,” and if you can help make this group of average Joes more effective, it will have an outsize impact on the organization. If you’ve implemented some of the suggestions from the Moving the ‘Meaty Middle’ webinar, plotting your results on a chart like the one below can go a long way towards showing the impact of your efforts.

3. Onboarding Time — It always takes a little bit of time for a new sales rep to become productive. But any amount that you can decrease the time onboarding takes, can noticeably impact the bottom line. Watch the Onboarding New Sales Reps for Success webinar for some helpful tips that can help you generate a chart like the one below.

Again, these are just three of the ways to demonstrate sales ops’ effectiveness. For more check out Measuring the Financial Impact of Sales Ops.

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