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An Easily Overlooked Sales Technology

You might not realize it, but you have an incredibly effective secret weapon at your disposal.

What would you say if I told you that your company already has a technology that makes it unbelievably easy to push out information to the entire sales team? This technology is infinitely scalable and incredibly flexible. You can start using it today without any additional cost to your organizations. Better yet, it doesn’t even require any additional IT support.

This technology has an interface that everyone in the organization understands how to use. And it invites feedback and encourages sharing of information among team members.

Best of all, we can promise that your entire sales team will log in and check this technology every single day. In fact, according to some researchers, your salespeople already spend about 61 percent of their day using this technology.

What is this mystical, magical invention?


We know, we know. Email often gets a bad rap for being a little bit passé. It’s definitely not flashy, but email gets the job done.

We’ve seen countless companies spend months perfecting their CRM dashboards only to discover that no one on the sales team is actually looking at them. But if you push that same information out via email, you know that everyone will at least see it. If you want, you can even include a link to your fancy dashboards, and it will probably increase usage.

Many of the best sales ops teams around use email to alert their salespeople to at-risk accounts and whitespace opportunities uncovered by their analytics. They rely on email to push directives out to the team and to remind them about company policies that they might be tempted to ignore.

Email might not be the latest thing—and it definitely has drawbacks—but it has stuck around for so long because it is effective. And starting to use email for communication between sales ops and the sales team doesn’t require any elaborate change management process.

It just works.

Of course, to make email really work for your organization, you also need to have something important to communicate. The resources below can help you uncover the data that will be most useful—and profitable—for your sales team. Then put your “secret weapon” to work and get the sales team on board for pursuing a more effective sales strategy.

  • Designing Effective CRM Dashboards for B2B Sales—Learn how to create the kind of dashboards that salespeople find compelling. Then use email to share the most relevant data and drive the team back to the dashboards.
  • Conducting Whitespace Analytics—Some of your customers could be buying a lot more from you. This webinar explains how to use analytics to uncover these hidden opportunities.
  • Building a Data-Driven Sales Operation—Leading organizations are proving that becoming more data-driven leads to higher revenues and margins. Find tips and recommendations for helping your team become more scientific—and successful—with its sales approach.

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