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Don’t Check the Box on Sales Ops

From our vantage point here at SellingBrew, it’s clear that companies are focusing much more attention on sales operations. New departments are being established. New positions and roles are being defined. Of course, we think the increased focus and attention is definitely a step in the right direction.

But we can’t help asking…Are they doing it for the right reasons?

Honestly, how often have companies done something simply because everyone else seems to be doing it? How often will they pursue something new because someone mentioned it at the last Board meeting? And how often will something suddenly become a priority after an analyst asked about it during the last conference call?

All too often, it seems like companies are just “checking the box” on a shopping list. CRM system? Check. Marketing automation platform? Check. Social media program? Check. Sales operations function? Check.

When companies view sales operations as a tactical to-do item, they’re missing-out on a number of strategic and organizational benefits, including:

  • Bridging the gaps between objectives and strategy in the executive conference room and day-to-day execution in the field.
  • Coordinating and aligning the other departments in the company to provide the necessary sales support and enablement.
  • Improving and optimizing the overall sales process to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the entire sales force.
  • Transforming customer data, sales metrics, and performance reports into actionable insights, predictions, and recommendations.

The point is, don’t just check the box on sales operations. Put some serious thought into how to maximize the benefits and turn the promise into reality. After all, what could be more strategic than creating a more effective and efficient sales operation?

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