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Your Biggest Competitor Isn’t Who You Think It Is

Here at SellingBrew, we have a chance to hear war stories from lots of different sales teams.  Naturally we hear the stories of the hard-fought battles that were ultimately won.  But we also hear about those tough cycles that were lost.

In these conversations, one competitor keeps coming up.  Just about everyone we’ve spoken with has lost to this guy.  Not only that, but it seems like this competitive solution crops up on an increasing number of well-qualified opportunities.  Of course, when you look at the solution this competitor has to offer it’s clear why it’s such a hard battle to win:

  • Cost-effective: Prospects don’t need to get any budget approved.
  • Easy to adopt: Prospects can avoid change management hurdles.
  • Simple: There’s practically no risk for prospects to adopt it.
  • Flexible: It’s proven to work in every industry and vertical market.
  • Influential: Prospects are often thinking about it during your sales pitch.

Worse still, despite having no sales team, ad budget, website or marketing collateral, your prospects have already heard about this solution.  You probably have too…

This competitor tends to go by the name…”Do Nothing”.

Unfortunately, far too often sales teams are left without much of a strategy to deal with a competitor like this.  Sure–they’ve got the collateral, presentations and talking points to hit those “real” competitors, but how often are they equipped to sell against doing nothing?  New product features, case studies, pitch decks and brand awareness don’t do you much good when your prospect isn’t convinced they have a problem that needs to be solved now.

But when a prospect chooses to do nothing, there’s a silver lining…your “real” competitors weren’t any better at getting that prospect to take action than you were.  As easy as it might be to blow off those lost sales with the excuse that the prospect wasn’t ready, start looking at them as an opportunity.

After all, if your sales team can figure out how to get “do nothing” prospects to want to change and actually adopt a solution, there’s a good chance that they’ll choose what you’re selling.

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