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Qvidian provides cloud-based sales execution solutions that enable companies to accelerate sales ramp up time, capture new business in cross sell and upsell opportunities and optimize sales performance by closing the gap between strategy and execution. The company’s innovative software and advisory services offer real-time insight to ensure sales teams do what’s needed to win, by driving repeatable methodologies and making the sales organization more agile.

With over 1,200 global customers including Dell, Citi, ADP, CA, and Splunk, Qvidian is helping organizations significantly increase their profitable revenues while eliminating waste and reducing costs.

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Easily identify and repeat selling strategies that win. Through effective sales execution, sales productivity and scalability increases; delivering real value and growing your pipeline seamlessly. Get more insight into each sales opportunity than you’ve ever had before – both individually and collectively. You can spot trends and react quickly. Your forecasts will be as accurate as ever and can now be based upon where each opportunity actually is in the process. What’s contributing to competitive wins or what’s causing sales to slow or go to “no-decision.”

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Improve forecast accuracy with advanced sales analytics and actionable insights for sales analysis. Have confidence in your sales forecasts, knowing pipelines are more accurate based on actual sales behavior — not predictions. Quickly see which territories, or individual salespeople, are overstating or understating their pipeline and increase sales forecasting predictability. Improve the accuracy of sales forecasts by identifying which deals are on track and which are understated or exaggerated.

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Deliver end-to-end value at every step of the selling process. Qvidian’s bi-directional integration with provides a seamless experience for salespeople. Drive adoption of your investments in SFDC and increase the integrity of your SFDC data by adding key capabilities and value for users. Seamlessly sync sales activities with SFDC, ensuring the most accurate, up to date data in SFDC at all times.

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Qvidian Content AutomationGain better control over dispersed sales and marketing content to increase team productivity and sell effectively with Qvidian’s Content Automation platform. The ability to have an application that provides intuitive content automation features and functionality will make it easier for you to stay up-to-date and modify content. Without automation, organizations are unable to spend the time necessary to make sure content and messaging provided to the prospective customers distinguishes from the competition. Qvidian provides the ability to produce unique sales documents through compelling and persuasive content, quickly and easily; increasing your competitive advantage.